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Our Products

We offer a wide range of products to serve our customer unique needs and requirements. 

Operator Cabin

​Our cabins are used in container cranes, ship cranes, test simulator and etc.

Whatever your

requirement, we can design and customize them.

spobu_combined v3.png

Joysticks, Console and Resistors

We are authorized agents of Spohn & Burkhardt to provide precision joysticks, ergonomic control stations and long-lasting resistors that is suitable for all sectors. Click here for more details.

Electrical Control Panel

We can design , built, assembly , wired and test your panel according to your drawings and standard.

Drive and Control System

We work with major drives suppliers to design and built control system for our customer. Some of the project we undertake are drive and PLC upgrading for lifting equipment, power converter for energy saving and voltage regulation and etc

Brake System

Our range of Brake system include Electro magnetic brake, wheel brake and hydraulic emergency caliper brake are applicable for all industry include crane application. They are design for reliability and easy maintenance.


  1. Load Cell
  2. Linear Actuator
  3. LED Flood Lights
  4. Wind Monitor
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